Physiotherapy, in simple words, is a kind of therapy which includes exercises, education, manual joint mobilizations, manipulations, massage, electrical modalities and many other therapeutic techniques that are specifically employed by physiotherapists. It is used for treatment of orthopaedic, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

“Active physiotherapy” means the use of exercises as a treatment. We consider it the most effective and fastest way to get better, though we still believe that electrical modalities like ultrasound, TENS, laser, etc. as well as therapeutic massage and manual therapy are also very useful. In most cases active therapy is complemented with other treatments in our clinic. We have gym facilities that allow us to do a whole range of exercises. We try to introduce them as early as possible and also provide home exercise programs.

Our personal approach makes us a good alternative to factory-like facilities for doctors land insurance companies when choosing a clinic for their patients and clients.

Our Physio Clinic is located in the heart of Vancouver.   It is equipped with state of the art equipment and machines.  The use of professional workout equipment combined with expert guidance will help you get back to where your body needs to be as soon as possible.


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Vancouver Physiotherapy

Vancouver Physiotherapy